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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight Updates; World Press Tour ends in London

Once again , Hello & Welcome to our website. Here you can get all kinds of latest news, updates, odds, predictions, press tour news, face to face words of McGregor and Mayweather boxing fight which is going to be held on 26 th August, 2017. It’s about 41 days 22 hours later from now. So , I know that you’re eagerly waiting for this heavyweight boxing match, Let’s have some fresh news & updates about the fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight Updates

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One day after he completely bombed in Brooklyn, McGregor bounced back with his best performance of the tour.It happened to be his 29th birthday, which is just fantastic timing. He bragged about changing the game at a young age (and in a very short amount of time), but also showed humility. “I’m in shock every day,” he said. His point was less, “Look how amazing I am,” and more, “You can change your life if you put your mind to it.”McGregor is at his promotional best when he’s not trying too much, and that was the case Friday. He spoke with sincerity but still fit in great one-liners on Floyd Mayweather’s age and his decision to wear lifted shoes during the tour to appear taller than he is.He blamed the impending destruction of Mayweather’s legacy on his manager Leonard Ellerbe and thoroughly roasted Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza again — who did one of the worst things you can do at a combat sports news conference: wear a look that lets everyone know the insults are getting to you.

World Press Tour ends in London- McGregor v Mayweather

McGregor also brought it back to the fight at the end (there actually is one at the end of all this!), saying, “The bulls— is now over. Six weeks, I sleep this fool.”Mayweather, on the other hand, was boring, overly dramatic and dumb enough to scream a homophobic slur at the top of his lungs in the middle of his speech.Playing the heel can be a great move and Mayweather did it well at times during this tour, but by the fourth stop, his material was old, his delivery was terrible and you just wanted him to sit down and stop talking.This was the most convincing round of the tour to me — and the most important, since it had to make up for the disaster that was Brooklyn.


Other than his crazy white faux mink coat, McGregor was a total failure at the forgettable New York tour stop. But he felt right at home in London, the closest he would get to his beloved Ireland on this tour, and he had a big bounce-back tour stop. Once again he was the crowd favorite and he seemed to feed off it. He also seemed in a more happy-go-lucky mood than the apparently angry Mayweather, who has no reason to be angry when he is about to make hundreds of millions of dollars for an easy fight. But I digress.

McGregor celebrated his 29th birthday with an actual positive spin on things for a change, counting his blessings for being able to go from nowhere to the top of combat sports and into a megafight in just four years. Even when Mayweather belittled him, McGregor laughed it off and said he was about to “quadruple my net worth.” He has a reason to be happy.

Mayweather against racism

“I can’t be racist. Some of my best friends are black,” is a nauseatingly familiar response to accusations of racism. But now thanks to MMA star Conor McGregor we have a fresh twist on this hackneyed defence.

Having faced accusations of racism for comments at previous press events alongside Floyd Mayweather, who he takes on in a controversial boxing match in August, the fighter chose to clarify things and address his critics head on Thursday evening by claiming he can’t be racist because he’s “half black from the bellybutton down.” As if that wasn’t enough he continued by offering a gift to his “beautiful black female fans” and then grinding his crotch against the air whilst sporting a gaunt smirk over wildly masticating teeth.

The bravado, insults and cocky swaggering are at times as much a part of boxing as the actual fighting. But here McGregor has stepped over a line he doesn’t seem to be able to see. Speaking to press after his comments at the Barclays Centre, the UFC champion defended himself once again, saying “I am a very multicultural individual. I do not have any ill feelings towards anyone. I do not even see colour.” But his comments and actions have caused offence whether they’ve come from a place of ill feeling or not.

Racism isn’t just a hatred of other races, it’s also the acceptance that our division into races is natural or acceptable. McGregor is under the impression that the media is saying he is against black people. What people have been pointing out is that he has now on several occasions deployed well worn racist catchphrases with seeming ignorance. In Los Angeles and Toronto he told Mayweather to “dance for me, boy”, a phrase with deep links to anti-black racism in the United States. The fact that he is oblivious to that history is very much part of the problem. His obliviousness allows him to do things like objectify black women as he did on stage at the Barclays Centre with apparently zero self-awareness. In our social context that kind of ignorance is dangerously racist in itself.

Mayweather and McGregor continue extreme war of words as world press tour ends in London

The travelling circus of a press tour for unbeaten Floyd Mayweather’s 50th career fight with the UFC star Conor McGregor alighted in the UK for its final phase on the four-day sojourn on Friday – but there was no let up in the war of words.

As the protracted pantomime took place on stage in front of over 10,000 baying fans at Wembley, McGregor and Mayweather traded profanities. “Four years ago I fought in London at The Forum in front of about 500 people. Now here I am about to quadruple my net worth with one half a fight. Sign me up. No one is going to kick, knee or elbow. And it’s against this little b****,” the UFC fighter said.